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Ordering Information and Payments

What types of payment do you accept
We accept Paypal, Amazon Pay and the following cards:

Visa Electron
American Express
Diners Club

Order information

What does my order status mean?
If the below information does not answer your question, please contact us and we can give you a further explanation.

Payment Declined/Failed:
Something has gone wrong, please try placing your order again or contact us.

Your order has been received successfully and is ready to be packed in our warehouse.

Your order has been sent out.

Order Cancelled:
Your order has been cancelled either because you have requested it to be or because the item you have purchased is no longer available and we have been unable to get in contact with you(if we do not hear from you within 48 hours order will be automatically cancelled)

Your order has been refunded in full.

Can I change my address on an order
You can change the delivery address before an order is dispatched by sending us an email to

with the change of address. Please note we will send your order out to the exact delivery address given, once it leaves our warehouse we cannot make any changes to the address so please make sure it is correct and complete.

Can I change my order before it is despatched
Unfortunately once you have submitted your order it is not possible to change sizes or items on the system or to add an extra products onto that order.

Can I cancel my order
Once you have placed an order, you cannot cancel it. However, you are welcome to send it back subject to any exclusions including cosmetics and underwear which cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. Please use the standard returns method. 

What if i receive the wrong product? 
If you have received the wrong item please send us an email with a photo to

. Please note that when sending it back the store will only refund up to £4.50 shipping due to this being what we charge, if you pay anymore than this we are not responsible for refunding this extra cost